Evanf has joined the chat.

9:48 Alyncia Hi Evan

9:48 Dmullins677 Hey Evanf welcome to CWRP!

9:48 Evanf Trying to advertise on my wiki?

9:48 Dmullins677 And what wiki is that?

9:48 Evanf The Clone Wars Wiki.

9:49 Dmullins677 Ahh, well I talked to bane and he said it was fine to invite users to this one. And I saw nothing about it in the policies section.

9:50 Evanf I don't care, why do you have to invite users on MY wiki when you could just leave them a message here?

9:51 Dmullins677 Because they are not on this wiki, that's why.

9:51 Evanf You can still leave them messages.

9:52 Dmullins677 Well I could have, but I didn't.

9:53 Evanf Well, this wiki has nothing to offer our wiki, so I don't see why we are affiliates at all.

9:53 Dmullins677 Well first off: WE AREN'T And second off...

9:54 Evanf

9:56 Dmullins677 You are the biggest dumb ass and asshole I have ever fucking met. Bane told me that due to it not being mutually beneficial, we couldn't be affiliates. Read before you assume things. What you just said really passed me off. Affiliates are to help other wiki's grow, and what you just said was that this wiki has nothing that can help yours, so you don't give a damn about it.

9:56 Alyncia /

9:56 Dmullins677 I am sure glad I didn't invite you because you are a damn idiot!

9:56 Alyncia


9:56 Dmullins677 Sorry Aly I know I am breaking rules right here, but I can't stand this...! Bane passed me off when he did it, and not this moron also...


9:57 Alyncia Its fine but being rude won't solve our problems Mullins.

9:58 Dmullins677 This isn't being rude. Aggressive negotiations!!! ;)

9:58 Alyncia I'm not a fan of cussing.

9:59 Dmullins677 Then lets solve this problem!!!

Evanf has been kicked by Dmullins677.

9:59 Dmullins677 I am very sorry! He just really got on my nerves!

10:00 Alyncia You know he can spread how rude admins are on this wiki and no one would ever join.

10:00 Dmullins677 He can do whatever the hell he wants to.

10:01 Alyncia Okay then.

10:02 Dmullins677 You're right Aly. That won't happen again/ Very sorry, my friend!

10:03 Alyncia I hope not. I accept your apology.

10:05 Dmullins677


10:06 Alyncia A+

10:09 Dmullins677 Thank you

10:11 Alyncia your welcome :)

10:11 Dmullins677


10:12 Alyncia


Evanf has joined the chat.

10:18 Alyncia Welcome back Evan.

10:18 Evanf hey but, because of that, we will NEVER be affiliates, Mullin

10:19 Dmullins677 Okay. Sorry then. You have a great wiki. I use it for reference s lot.

  • a

10:20 Evanf Well thanks, but trying to cuss people out isnt a great way to try to be affiliates.

10:21 Dmullins677 I am not trying to be affiliates... I was a few months ago... But Bane and you have both made it clear to me that our wiki is worthless. And knew when I used harsh language, that there was no going back. I hope you accept my apology and that you won't ban me from your wiki, for I am very interested in joining when I find time.

10:24 Evanf No one has time for roleplay wikis - especially about The Clone Wars, which has pretty much ended. So, our wiki is getting less face time, and yours wont be getting any at all.

10:25 Alyncia It actually already has been getting more users :/

10:25 Dmullins677 No, I think we are doing just fine anew I feel we will continue to grow. I agree, Aly.

10:26 Alyncia Harry Potter has ended but look at DARP thats a roleplay wiki as well.

10:27 Evanf harry potter is a hell of a lot more popular then the clone wars will ever be.

10:28 Dmullins677 I sought for an affiliation for just that reason. Clone Wars wiki's that are still around work together to grow and help each other out. That was my intent, but everyone I have talked to on your wiki has just said how worthless we are.

10:28 Alyncia True, Evan

10:28 Dmullins677 Which means all the more reason to work together. That is the point of affiliates.

10:29 Evanf there is already a starwars fanon wiki, it is like roleplay. or that wiki. Just join it.

10:29 Dmullins677 No, I am very happy with the way out wiki is and at what pace it is growing.

10:30 Evanf no pace at all. Anyways because our wiki doesnt like start up wikis that try to mooch off of our wiki and get users. It has happened before

10:31 Alyncia I see and i'm sure Mullins didn't know about that.

10:31 Dmullins677 I understand your point was to get me to stop advertising on your wiki and I assure you, I will stop getting on your wiki and I will stop telling others to use it as a reference.

10:31 Evanf I dont care if you use it as a reference but you are technically adverstising.

10:32 Dmullins677 No "it wouldn't be mutually beneficial"

10:32 Evanf this wiki, even though made by an admin, did the same thing you are trying to do

10:33 Dmullins677 Awesome. Maybe I will talk to them instead. "no pace at all" -you I am resisting the urge to go off on you again, but I am being good. So, you have made your point, and I promise you won't ever see me on your wiki and it will never be mentioned here. Are we finished? As a matter of fact, I will save this as a chat log and urge people not to mess with you guys. Does that meet your satisfaction? :)

LillyDaNinja has joined the chat.

10:39 LillyDaNinja Hi you guys

10:39 Dmullins677 Hey Lilly Its good to see you here.

10:40 Alyncia Hello Lilly :)

10:40 Dmullins677 User discretion is advised as we are currently settling a problem.

10:40 Alyncia So whats up Lilly :3

10:41 LillyDaNinja I'm okay :D Listening to my new iPod shuffle

10:41 Dmullins677 Are you planning on being apart or the wiki, Lilly?

10:41 Alyncia Cool :)

10:41 LillyDaNinja I am indeed.

10:42 Dmullins677 Interested in adminship?

10:42 LillyDaNinja If you need me :)

10:42 Alyncia Wonderful :) and yes we need some administrators

10:42 LillyDaNinja Then sure! :) (huggles her friends)

10:43 Dmullins677 You are great in DARP so I think you would do good here.! :) Oh wait,.. No pace at all, huh? :P I think we just got a new user...

10:43 Alyncia IK I just Pmed you that XD

10:43 Dmullins677 XD Ai saw that. @Lilly, Evan claims that we would never get a new user and then you showed up. :P

10:44 LillyDaNinja Chat refreshed on me :P

10:44 Alyncia I can add you as an admin Lilly. Oh and okay :3

10:44 LillyDaNinja Haha. I can affiliate you guys

10:44 Dmullins677 With?

10:44 Alyncia Thanks :)

10:45 LillyDaNinja I'm an admin there

10:45 Alyncia Okay, cool :3

10:45 Dmullins677 Great Who is the founder?

10:46 Alyncia You are now an admin Lilly :3

10:46 LillyDaNinja Elsie, but she's inactive

10:46 Dmullins677 Oh

10:46 LillyDaNinja for almost a month

10:47 Dmullins677 Who runs the wiki now? Admins?

10:47 LillyDaNinja Me and Kat (ChocoKat)

10:47 Dmullins677 Oh, cool!!!

10:48 Alyncia ny department your interested in? Our Departments Any

10:49 LillyDaNinja OOC seems my area

10:49 Alyncia Second in command?

10:50 Dmullins677


10:51 LillyDaNinja Sure :D

10:51 Alyncia Okay!

10:53 Evanf and the clone trooper wiki is a branch of ours, they wont be kind to you either.

10:54 Dmullins677 Anything else to discuss Evan?

10:57 LillyDaNinja Um...just saying...there's loads of harry potter rp wikis and nobody's saying anything...sorry if I'm missing the point here...

10:58 Evanf you are missing the point, Lilly

10:58 Dmullins677 No, you are Evan.

10:58 Evanf How am I?

10:58 Dmullins677 And I would appreciate it if we are done, that you return to your "fantastic" wiki and we work on ours.

10:59 Alyncia Are you only here to make us feel bad Evan :/.

Comments later

  • When he comes out of afk mode - Soph

Then I will tell him something

  If he even tries to be an a*s 
  I'mma gonna stick my boot up his a*s 
  And kick him for good
  • I'll be sure never to go to that wiki again. -Austin

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