Daily ResponsibilitiesEdit

  1. Like all Administration, you guys are required to help anyone that needs it. There are no exceptions to that!
  2. You guys should read up on RP's. Check to see:
    1. Do they need a GM?
    2. Does their RP violate SWRP Policies?
    3. Does is violate canon?
    4. Is there a user that needs help with something for the RP?
    5. Do you need to level up one of the Users?
  3. Be sure to be on chat, supervising, helping Users, and enforcing the rules and policies!
  4. Prepare for upcoming events: Make pages, categories, templates, etc. for an upcoming event.
  5. Help out other departments if you have nothing else to do!


Game Master TemplateEdit

{ {Game Master|~ ~ ~ ~ ~|text here} }         (without spaces)

Clone wars user rights

Game Master
-Activity Implementations

 – 15:56, November 27, 2013 (UTC)

It looks like this!

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