Arielle Kelli Igneous
Vital statistics
Position Head of Indoles
Age 20
Status Single/Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight Unknown


Arielle is smart and was in Indoles when she went to Miles Militis. Madam Jalato invited her to be the head of Indoles and she was honored and said yes.She also teaches the Force Combat class. She is excitable and good hearted. Traits to describe her would be friendly, outspoken, and smart.


She grew up on Naboo but when her father died of a sickness her mother and her moved to Alderaan to start the healing process. Her mother sent her to Miles Militis where she became a Jedi Knight. She is now the head of her previous house Indoles.


  • Her model is Emma Watson
  • Force Combat Teacher
  • Head of Indoles

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