The Richards are a complexed family, one side good, the other side evil, Sam, is a expetion as she is a trodding on nearly becoming a Sith yet she is a Jedi.

No family member is not a Jedi or a Sith, more so, they tend to be Jedi. Sith members of the family and the Jedi members never meet. Yet again, the High Master Analine Richards was a Jedi and had Sam's personality in a sense.

Members of the family include Samatha Richards, Juliet Richards, Katherine Richards, and Kristopher Richards, and many more people.

Samatha Richards or better known as Sam gave birth to a young Jedi girl, by the name of Nicole or Nick. She however, doesn't trust people enough to tell them about it.

Juliet doesn't even though, altough she is the sister of Sam, whist Kristopher is a Sith man at the age of 25, the older half brother of Sam & Juliet. He doesn't know of his true hertage, as he was adopted as a newborn. He thinks his last name is Patterson, but it really Richards.

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