Christina Gif 1

Christina Ordo

Aliit'Alor Ordo

Vital Statistics
Born 35 ABY
Age 30
Family Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Ginger
Status Alive
Signature ChristinaSig
Force Characteristics
Lightsaber None
Lightsaber Arm Right
Force Sensitivity Negative
Force Type N/A
Masters None


"A wanderer once told me...

"My name is Christina Ordo. Born on the planet called Mandalore. I'm of the kind that they call a Mandalorians. Much like them famous Fetts who went running around, bragging how amazing they were. Or at least, that's how I see it.

"Honestly, I felt like I did not belong with the Mandalorians. There was little that I knew, that even with Mandalorian blood, the urge cannot be stopped. It's a thing... once you become a Mandalorian, you stay a Mandalorian. No undo to that.

"I went off into the world of being a Mandalorian. Not the greatest of journeys but it's a journey I'd never forget. Seeing the many who actually have some guts into them fight for our cause, is simply... amazing.

"Nowadays, I've grown to the point where I can be my own fighting unit. After years of growing through clans, experiencing my parents' sudden disappearance... I managed to get to the point, where I can replace my father who I never knew... as an Aliit'Alor of Aliit Ordo.


Christina is of the cunning and witty. She will occasionally try everything in her possession against an opponent. She is also one to never back down, and never look down on others. If need be, she would back stab someone for her own reasons.


Christina's model is Annie Thurman.


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