Cyriaca Salacia Ni Mantzaris
This character is roleplayed by R.A.B.


"I know Cyriaca Salacia Ni Mantzaris is kind of long. Mostly I'm just called Cya or Ria.

"I grew up on Alderaan, but my grandmother lived on Kamino when she was younger. I was raised by Moth — my mother — and Auntie. I don't know anything about my dad, whenever I ask Auntie about it, she says, 'You need to talk to your mother about that.' It's like, Yes, I know my mother is an obvious candidate to ask when the question in question is who impregnated her, but I'm not asking her, I'm asking you so don't you think I always thought about asking her and decided against it?

"There's nothing big or dramatic that's ever happened to me to tell about. I had a midi-chlorian blood test and they said my midi-chlorian count was high enough. I was I started school when I was 8. If I finish, I'll be a Jedi.

"I'm not going to stay here on Alderaan. I want to go to Kamino. I mean, not just Kamino, I want to go just about everywhere eventually, but Kamino especially. Grandma was raised there, and I bet I've got family there. I bet most of her siblings are still there, and by now I probably have second cousins there too."




"I know she's my mother and I love her and everything, but does the fact that she's my mom I mean I have to like her as a person or something? Cause I don't really. The good thing is that she works move than Auntie, because Auntie just has to pay for herself while Moth has to pay for herself and me, so she's not home as much." "Auntie has lived with us for as long as I an remember. I mean, I know she didn't move straight out of Grandma's house and in with Moth because she tells stories about when she was living with her friends and stuff, but I'm not sure if that was before I was born on when I little. We're sort of close — I get along better with her than Moth at any rate."

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