Dorian Janarus
Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic

Supreme Chancellor
Gender Male
Age 34 S.Y.
Species Human
Family Janarus
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'3"
Affiliation Galactic Republic


Friends/Allies Republic, Jedi
Enemies Sith, Bount Hunters


Dorian Janarus was born on the planet Naboo to Fauxes and Referset Janarus. His father, Fauxes Janarus served as the king of Theed, thus ruling the Naboo people. Dorian learned politics at a young age, and was expected to one day become involved with it. When he turned 13, Dorian began schooling to become a politician. He studied all over the outer rim, learning laws and customs of different systems. When he was 16, he was elected to serve as the Senator of Naboo, the youngest known in history. As Senator, he traveled to Coruscant, where he represented the Naboo people. Coruscant was by far his favorite place he had been. The entire planet was one huge city. Dorian served as Senator for 4 years, before returning back to Naboo. His fathers term ended, and tension was beginning to rise between the people of Naboo and the Gungans of Naboo. Dorian and his father went to the underwater Gungan City and were able to negotiate a treaty to stop hostilities between the two Naboo governments. When Dorian was 24, he moved back to Coruscant and became the Minister of Justice, serving as the head of the Judicial Department for the Galactic Republic. When he was 29, he became Adviser to the Chancellor. His hard work and skill in politics did not go unnoticed, for when he was 32, he became the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.


Dorian is a very serious person. He doesn't fool around very much, and always puts work before anything else. He isn't known to be very romantic, and does not have a wife or kids. He often works through the night at his office on work, and is still there the next morning working. He is very dedicated and loyal, and true to his word. Probably his best tribute is his honesty. Dorian is very blunt and forward, and will not hesitate to speak his mind.


  • Dorian's model is Richard Armitage
  • Dorian served as Senator for Naboo
  • Dorian has been in the government since he was 16.
  • Dorian was the youngest Senator of Naboo ever elected to office.
  • Dorian is very close to the Jedi Order.

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