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Fairchild Van Woldenberg is role-played by Sophia.

Fairchild Van Woldenberg is the Knight-Commander of the Imperial Knights.

Fairchild Van Woldenberg


Vital Statistics
Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
Signature [[File:|100px]]
Force Characteristics
Lightsaber Silver, double lightsabers, curved hilt
Lightsaber Arm Right
Force Sensitivity 100%
Force Type Dark Jedi/Center Force
Masters Darth Aevum (before joining ImpKnights)


Fairchild has a beautiful appearance, with golden blonde hair and brown eyes. Her beauty is sometimes her secret weapon in battle, since most would be distracted by her while the other ImpKnights simply cut them down.


Fairchild was born as the twin to Emerald Van Woldenberg, Fairchild being older by three minutes.

She was personally trained by Darth Aevum herself, but she was a hard one train. Aevum often sensed a slipping loyalty from Fairchild.

At one point, Fairchild dueled Aevum to a point where Aevum was scared to even call Fairchild her apprentice anymore. After becoming a Crusader, Fairchild did the one thing that no one else would have. She backstabbed the New Sith Imperium.

Rallying a group of Sith, whom were sick of the New Sith Imperium, and were loyal to an older Empire.

She now leads as the Knight-Commander of the Imperial Knights, and is not afraid to stand to the Sith for their wrongdoings.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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Fairchild is rather stern and direct. She is obviously not as loyal as certain people, but is a strong hearted leader, and can show exceptional leadership. As an Imperial Knight, she obviously dislikes the Sith, and for some occasions, regards the Jedi as somewhat of an ally rather then a threat.

Skills and Force AbilitiesEdit

Form VII: Juyo/VaapadEdit

Fairchild grew to learn the intense Form VII. It required an intense hand and concentration from her, but she could handle it. Due to this, she often a Center Force user.


As an Imperial Knight, Fairchild shows utmost effort and skill in taking on this right.

Talk BubbleEdit




Fairchild's double lightsabers have silver crystals and curved hilts. The silver crystals are strong with those who are loyal to serve a master. They are common with the Imperial Knights.


Fairchild's model is AnnaSophia Robb. 


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