Gracelyn Maier

The Girl Who Always Smiles

Vital Statistics
Born 40 ABY
Age 25
Family Jacquelyn Maier (mother)
Gender Female
Species Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
Signature GracelynSig
Force Characteristics
Lightsaber Gold Crystal, dual-blade
Lightsaber Arm Ambidextrous
Force Sensitivity Positive
Force Type Center Force
Masters Ebberla Daw


"Well, where could I start? Let's see now...

"I was born Gracelyn Maier. Raised planetside on Alderaan. Both of my parents were Force-Sensitive, therefore by default, I was Force-Sensitive as well. I have one sister, who's name is Constance Maier. She's also Force-Sensitve, and is slightly younger then me.

"I went to Miles Militis for my time as a Padawan. Later, I became a student of Ebberla Daw. Master Daw was a great person, and she spent hours teaching me in the ways of the Center Force users. I felt that I was a Center Force user. Hearing Master Daw explain what the Center Force users are got me really interested. A Center Force user is defined as someone who uses both sides of the Force in combat, but is still loyal to one side.

"Well, after a while, I finally became a Jedi Knight. I did seek training with a higher level teacher, but eventually ended up again with Master Daw. This time, I was training to be a Jedi Master. Few years later, I became one.

"And would you look at me today? I'm a happy girl, with a nice smile. I'm an Penicullus graduate, although I have a bit of the other houses in me. And I'm a teacher and a nurse as well.


Gracelyn is as she describes herself, a happy girl. She can be a little funny at times. She relies a little too much on improvisation, and it can occasionally get out of hand, but that's nothing that Gracelyn would get upset about. Gracelyn is also a little hyperactive at times, and can stress a lot from time to time.


Gracelyn's model is Emma Stone.



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