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This page will help keep some things organized when regarding Jedi and Sith. It was a a lot of work to get the file as a picture but me and D managed to get it. So here is the list of masters and their padawans. Blue means they are or will be Jedi, Red means they are, or will be Sith.

Jedi Order pic

Another big thing is lightsaber color and form. Please make sure any Jedi or yours has a specific color, form, and if possible, a picture.

  • Darth Septist - Red lightsaber, medium, one sided, spiked hilt
  • Hayden Clarick - Green lightsaber, medium, one sided, curved hilt
  • Toby Clarick - Purple lightsaber, medium, double sided, no hilt
  • Guhoo Armstrong - Blue lightsaber, large, one sided, spiked hilt
  • Sam Richards - Blue lightsaber, meduim, one sided, rounded hilt
  • Juno Armstrong - Gold lightsaber, large, one sided, gripped hilt
  • Ebberla Daw - Yellow lightsaber, medium, double lightsabers, one sided, squared hilt
  • Juliet Richards - Gold lightsaber, small, one sided, squared hilt

Please watch this video:

Star Wars All Lightsaber Colors And Meanings

Star Wars All Lightsaber Colors And Meanings

Name Type of Force follower Sith/Jedi/Other Rank Lightsaber Form
Darth Septist Dark Jedi Stih Sith Lord Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad
Hayden Clarick Jedi Consular Jedi Jedi Knight Form II: Makashi
Toby Clarick Center Force Jedi Jedi Padawan Form VII: Juyo
Guhoo Armstrong Jedi Guardian Jedi Jedi Knight
Juno Armstrong Jedi Sentinel Jedi Jedi Master Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad
Ebberla Daw Jedi Sentinel/Center Force Jedi High Jedi Master Form V: Shien/Djem So
Juliet Richards Jedi Sentinel Jedi Jedi Padawan
Aurora de LaRousse Jedi Sentinel/Center Force Jedi Jedi Knight Form V: Shien/Djem So