River Anastasia Zhivanevskaya
Vital statistics
Position Sith Master
Age 20
Status Single/Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight Unknown


River is mean spirited. She is a very strict person with little mercy for anyone. She is pretty young to be already so cruel but thats how she became after her parents died


River was born in an unknown month because she doesn't remember, She only knew what year. Her parents died in a war against the sith. A sith found her and took care of her and named her River which is where she was found, by a river. She took on the last name of her sith guardian and was trained young in the dark arts. Her anger grew and she was always told she wasn't good enough which fuled her anger. Her sith guardian betrayed the sith and went into hiding making River furious on the outside but inside she was really sad she had lost her parent which is why she is cruel to others.


  • Her model is Dakota Fanning
  • Her middle name was her adoptive mother's name

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