The Sith Arts Academy

Sith Academy2
Welcome to The Sith Arts Academy. Located on the Planet Thule, this Academy trains young Sith in the ways of the dark side. The Sith taught here are the best of the best, and rival that ever of the Jedi Order
Sith Arts Academy


  • Alexis Alexander - Once Jedi Knight, Alexis was twisted to the Dark Side and became Headmaster of the school. She is known as "The Cruel Master" by her students, and is perhaps the most ruthless Headmaster the school has seen. Her dream is to one day earn a rank higher than Headmaster.


  1. Lightsaber Combat: Bacca Lo Macca
  2. Force History: VACANT
  3. Force Combat: VACNAT
  4. Sith History: VACANT
  5. Assassin Training: Alexis Alexander
  6. Tracking and Spying Training: VACANT
  7. Survival Program: VACANT
  8. Dark Side Studies: VACANT

Staff PicturesEdit

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