Okay, so we have some major decisions to make on what we are going to do with this wiki. A lot of the administration was involved in the RB voting at DARP in some way, so we have been taking a break from this wiki. I will be quite honest, I am starting to regret making it, for I think it played a big part in both mine and Soph's RB requests. We spent a lot of time on here, trying to set it up and get the place running, and we stating spending less time on DARP. I was originally not going to do this, and just turn the wiki over to Soph, but I have decided I will see what happens.

So, we have to make some decisions. I need to know who is going to be active and who will not. If everyone from before returns to the wiki, the wiki should be something like this:

~Dmullins - Crat

~Soph - Crat

~Aly - Crat

~Lilly - Admin

~AJ - Admin

~Jorey - Admin

~Gail - RB

~18 - RB

So far, everyone actively participating on this wiki are part of administration. I need to know in the comments if you are going to be returning to the wiki or if you are done, just to get a look at where we are at.

We also need to decide where this wiki is gonna go (IC) wise. First off, we need to get a set period in time down. I feel like all these minor events are all over the place and are not following a timeline. I think they need to stop until we secure the wiki in a set time. Maybe a calendar much like the one on DARP would be useful?

We will get to other matters later, but for now, I want to focus on these. Be sure to comment.

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