Character Creation and You
So what does it mean to make a Character?

Characters are who we become
They are of various kinds
They can be strong, they can be weak
But they will never change as long as we are here

They can be old, they can be young
They can be mean, they can be kind
They can be whatever they are made
And it is us that are called to act these characters.

For we shape who they are
For we make them who they want to be
For we are them

It is of no curiosity to me that Characters make the Role-Play universe go round. However, Characters can be a h*ll of a nightmare to use, or they can be a piece of cake. It all starts with you. You make the choices of what your character will be. And so, I, Sophia McLaren-Cobb, present to you a guide to all characters. And what you have to do with them.

Firstly, what is a character? A character is a person or an animal in the Role-Play universe. It is something that you can control. That you can lead to its destiny.

How to make the perfect character? Dumb question. No one character is perfect. Characters can be awesome, but there can never be a perfect character. If a character is too perfect, it's probably a Mary Sue.

Why are characters so hard to use? They're not. It's you who is simply failing to understand how to use one. It's not the way you wrote the character, it's just that you are not willing to learn how to use it.

Ooh, I want brothers and sisters! Good for you. You have a small family. But don't make them all with the same future or fate. That's would be cliche. And cliche characters are bad.

Ah, why not make my character lose their family or make something epic happen to them? Again. This is cliche. Losing your family? For real. Too many characters lose their family. Kill the families off naturally. Don't have someone else do that. And don't mention their death.

What is the point of this? Dumb question. It's to slap some sense into people who really love RPing, yet never have things go their way.

So how do I make a good character? Good question. Firstly, you need to think out-of-the-box. Be creative. Characters can be anything. Secondly, try not to make them cliche. Then they would be fine. Lastly, try something different. Like maybe, a Sith pureblood may be common, but make a hybrid of Sith pureblood, and you got yourself a pretty well made characters.

Well, that's all I have to say. Peace, ~ Sophia Christina 23:19, December 16, 2013 (UTC)

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