I, Sophia McLaren-Cobb, present to you

Long Live Mandalore!

The Mandalorians are numerous people and creatures, bound by a code of honor and respect. They reside on the planet Mandalore and have their own little section of space called Mandalorian Space, which is usually controlled by a bigger faction. The Mandalorians stand by the side of the Empire and are often in their shadow. But the Mandalorians themselves are quite the interesting deal.

Anything in common with a user?
You, the user reading this, have much in common with the Mandalorians as well. It is either you who makes them or breaks them. Anyone can be a Mandalorian, as long as they prove themselves worthy of such a deed. Soon we shall find out who is and who isn't.

Long Live Mandalore!

Long Live the Mandalorians!

Coming Soon!
The Mandalorians Roster

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