I, Sophia McLaren-Cobb, present to you

The Imperial Knights and You

The Imperial Knights are a group of Sith, who go against the thoughts and ideals of what will be the New Sith Imperium. They were most loyal to the Fel Empire, and much like what the Alliance to Restore the Republic tries, they follow, by trying to restore the old Fel Empire. They do not support the Jedi, but neither do they see them as an enemy. They do, however, see the Sith as enemies, and therefore may often be mistaked for Jedi.

What does this have to do with you?
You, the user reading this, have a lot in common with the Imperial Knights. It is either you who makes them or breaks them. Only a chosen few will ever get to control these unique people. You, perhaps, may get the chance. Soon we shall find out.

Long live the Fel Empire!

Long live the Imperial Knights!

Coming Soon!
The ImpKnights Roster
The Decision on the Knight-Marshall result

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